Dominance Games: Game it. Break it. The sneer is good. Love the sneer.

Chaos and frivolity.  Balkanization and one man’s Balkans is another mans sacred homeland.  Small victories for the dissolution of Union.  Small victories for the fixing of the game of union.  Coming and going we get it going; tricks and high wires, circuses and clowns and sober, moral grown adults interested in their firmly held beliefs that these are the ways of and to a better world.  Win or secede.  Break with my enemies or play him out and down and useless.  The grand narcissism of all of the grand narcissists and grand ages is a grand narcissism.

Why accommodate or bother with rank rotten bastards that are vain and dumb and just don’t have the brains or brawn that a baby seal is born with.  Why let them strip my manhood, break my faith, sully my intellectual prowess, stomp on my self righteousness, laugh at my wisdom.  Forget about it.  I’m gone or maybe I be breaking your back.  C’est la vie sucker.  Blank your mother’s dog.

Redistrict.  Redistrict.   Nullify the Feds.   Run the scam.  Blank the scam.  Use em or lose em……They sure as hell ain’t worth a pitcher of warm spit. States rights.  Right the states.  Scum and things……All government is scum and things.  Game it.  Break it.  The sneer is good.  Love the sneer.

Aaron Blake   Washington Post

Editorial  New York Times   Inching Closer to States’ Rights

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