Dominance Games: Company thugs and union goons would like to come back

Ahh, the mind set.  Ahh, the prejudices.  Ahh, the soul of a vital capital economy with the moxie and guts to be great.  The drive.  The resource.  The navigations of the rough seas of competition with the wind not enough at your back.  The iron will.  The self determination.  The drive.  The pride.  The heart of the risk taker.  The grand traits of a grand country.  B e they ever cherished and honored, celebrated and reflected upon.  Scrap and fight.  Hustle and move.  Do what has to be done.  Build and build.  Empire, good empire.  Hard scrabble and brass knuckles.  It ain’t so damned easy.  Spit and get off of the floor.  Keep coming.  Keep coming.  Keep coming.  Winning is tough.  Keeping turf is tough.  Building is tough.  This is romance.  This is steel.

Ahh the poor inferior helpless.  Unschooled, unable, unwarranted, unloved.  Ahh, the comfortable dependents upon the sweat and work of others.  The path is there for the traveling.  The stakes are there for the taking.  Life’s owes nothing but death and squalor.  Manna from the haves to the needy is manna earned.  Work is production.  Production creates sustenance.  No production.  No sustenance.  No sustenance….no survival.

All is fair always in the market place.  It is self defining.  The ones who corner the means and methods win.  The ones who take away extreme power do so as a protective measure.  The winners win only so long as the system has the backing of state sanctioned law or force…or non state sanctioned law or force.  There are no guarantees that the winners won’t push themselves over a cliff.  There are no guarantees that the losers will go quietly.

Survival for all requires the hording of force and the use thereof.  Company thugs and union goons have had their time in the sun.  They would like to come back

Tommy Christopher   Mediaite

Glenn Thrush and Byron Tau   Politico

politics, news, commentary, analysis


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