Dominance Games: Gazelles on horseback

All is fair in the world in which we live.  Governmental systems function as the trusting trust that the hammers of force and power will be wielded in a soothing and trusting way.  The hammers of force and power are trusted  hammers as long as the hammers of force and power have the ability to force and hammer away as they wish to force and hammer away.

The gentle gentry who, gently of de facto, gently cooperate with the gentle strains of enforcement, the gentle legitimacy of law do so gently and willingly as their gentle willing wills are gently coerced with willing tales and willing stories.  Gentle stasis is reached when the game gamed is the game  understood by all understanding boobs and all understanding boobs know their sullen little places.

Marvelous systems of imperial statehood operate marvelously upon the gentle principle of the honorable consent of the honorably governed.  There are many a type of many an honorable back alley consent.  A disproportionate amount of deviation from the accepted norm can be a bad thing for the general welfare.  In the highly adaptable and flexible images of the simple peasant villagers and serfs trotting off to market that which the simple governed can put up with is a simple barren thing.

Costs are paid by the bearer and the flouter, can easily defer to the toxic wastes of roving inequities and the bon fires of intimidation and self preservation.  Costs may blow up in pretty little flames when the rational for all cooperative cooperation gets to blow up in pretty little flames.

The eight by ten glossies of fire walls against chaos enhance stability.  Power and things and money and such need be good hammering hammers in order to a defacing ugly backlash from the suckers be.

Fair is fair when fair is skewed in a lovely prism, an accident of accepted motion.  The perceived mechanics of a gamed system by the non gamers who can be taken on… unwanted chaos theory.

Unhinge the scales of justice and strange brews brew.  All good cooperation comes from ennui.  Make the ennui go away and the unmoving may move.

Gazelles on horseback.

The Economist

David Walker and Robert Bixby   Politico   the rancid bastards ….. the true…..the dumb ……  the honored creed…..

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