Cold warm water

Sick questions are here to stay.   Sick questions are here today, tomorrow, forever and a day.  The weepers, the shouters, the deadly droll.  Paper our hearts with flimsy tears.   Paper our pockets with dew.  The streets of  mulch turn fallow and dry. The seeds of doubt are ever planted.

The worry.  The grumble.  The game of the lame   The worry.  The predicament.    In sickness and in health .   Beyond reproach the dead bargain away our time.  The dear seal our longings with the kiss.   The true kiss our longings with a seal.  Futures to go.  To have and to have not.  To will and to will not.

Simple colds and dead stress.  Cold warm water.  To live and die too damned well.

New Yorker…Bitter Pill

Fortune Magazine   Allan Sloan

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


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