And now the apocalypse. It has finally come.

And now the apocalypse.  It has finally come.  The world has finally evaporated and the netherworlds of shadows and specters haunts the winds.  It is come.  The dark terror of yesterdays horrors and fears is come out of the mists of the dregs of time and has brought us to 1937 and its look to the future.

Trust is the love.  The trusting lords and masters.   The trustworthy lords and masters. The eternal battle cry…. “The American people implore me to do my bidding.” We have ourselves come and gone and get to look forward to the past.  Its dreams are ours again.  It visions are ours for a song.  The visit to the strange country of the past is just around the corner.  Bless the beasts and the children.  Again and again.  And with feeling.  Cometh the killers.

Rick Ungar Forbes,com

Blogging for Michigan   the rancid bastards ….. the true…..the dumb ……  the honored creed…..the books I am pushing ….


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